LCH Laboratory Receives Upgrades from Broberg Estate Contributions

Lincoln County Hospital was the benefactor of two very generous memorial contributions from the Eileen Broberg estate and her family a few years back. Because of their enormous generosity, the hospital laboratory is now furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. Recent purchases utilizing their contributions include items such as a hematology analyzer which provides time sensitive on-site results for complete blood counts, a large lab refrigerator for storing specimens and supplies with temperature fluctuation notification, a chemistry analyzer which runs the majority of other laboratory tests, a smaller laboratory refrigerator, and a new phlebotomy laboratory draw chair. The laboratory also has a new ID Now device to provide rapid testing for COVID, strep, RSV and flu. When tests are run in-house, patients and providers can get the results faster than if the specimens have to be sent out of the county to another lab. The hospital and community are very appreciative to the family of Eileen Broberg for their generous support of the hospital and its laboratory.

Tax deductible charitable gifts made payable to the Lincoln County Hospital Trustees and can be donated for any of the charitable causes: Emergency Department Equipment Fund, Laboratory Equipment Fund, Imaging Equipment Fund, Rehab Equipment Fund, Health Care Worker Scholarship Fund, Endowment Fund. This includes cash gifts, grain, cattle sales, appreciated stocks, bonds, real estate, IRAs or other assets which would otherwise be subject to taxes on the appreciation if sold. You can make a gift “In Memory Of” a friend or loved one. Life insurance policies and estate trusts can be used to donate as well. To use life insurance policies you no longer need, or to gift part of your estate to the hospital, make the Lincoln County Hospital Trustees the beneficiary of the policy or estate trust. You can also endow your gift. An endowment is an investment in the future. Your gift is evergreen. The principal amount of your gift may not be spent, only the interest/investment returns and spent each year. For more information contact Tawnya Seitz, LCH CEO at 785 524 4403.