Lincoln County Hospital & Health Care Foundation

“The mission of the Lincoln County Hospital & Health Care Foundation is to strengthen community health care and insure that Lincoln County Hospital remains a viable institution into the future by encouraging philanthropy.”

The Lincoln County Hospital & Health Care Foundation (LCH&HCF) was established in January of 2006. In October of the same year, the IRS granted the Foundation tax exempt status as a 501 (c)(3) organization.

LCH&HCF has been instrumental in supporting Lincoln County Hospital’s multi-year renovation and modernization program since its inception. With their support the hospital has renovated much of the original facility. They have aided the implementation of an electronic health record and laboratory system; are working on a project to upgrade the hospital’s radiology suite to full digital capability; and, provided much needed equipment in the Emergency Department.

There is probably nothing more important to a community than a quality health care facility. You can become a partner to help support quality health care for the people and communities of Lincoln County.

624 North 2nd Street
PO Box 81
Lincoln, KS, 67455

Ways to Give

Outright Gift

A cash gift is the simplest and most convenient way of making a charitable contribution. Cash gifts are deductible for both state and federal income tax purposes.

You can also give grain, appreciated stocks, bonds, real estate, IRAs or other assets which would otherwise be subject to taxes on the appreciation if sold.

Many people make once-a-year charitable donations, often near the end of the year.

You can make a gift “In Memory Of” a friend or loved one. This can be done at the time of death or a significant anniversary such as a birthday, marriage or holiday. “In Honor Of” gifts can be given in much the same way, marking birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or other opportunities.

Life insurance policies can be used to donate as well. To use life insurance policies you no longer need, make the foundation the beneficiary of the policy.

Anything you leave to charity in your will reduces the size of your taxable estate while helping a good cause: a specified sum of money; a particular piece of property; or a percentage of the residual funds left after making provision for family and friends.

Endowed Giving

The concept of endowed giving is simple yet new to many donors. An endowment is an investment in the future. Your gift is evergreen. That is the principal amount of your gift may not be spent. The foundation may only use the interest your gift generates. For many donors the idea of a gift that is not “used up” and has long term influence in the community is appealing. With help from the Foundation it is easier to set up an endowment than a person might think.

We encourage you to talk with your estate planner, attorney or tax preparer about all the advantages of charitable giving.

For more information contact hospital CEO Steve Granzow at 785-524-4403

The information provided here is not intended as legal advice. For legal advice about charitable giving, please contact an attorney.